The Concept

The strategy underpinning Dilmunia is founded on insights of what modern society wants from an integrated development. Society is shifting from a focus on monetary wealth to a focus on holistic prosperity – meaning money is not the sole driver for individual happiness. Today, the trend has moved toward people wanting lifestyles that provide genuine well-being. Dilmunia provides a foundation for such a lifestyle.

The name Dilmunia is inspired by the ancient civilization of Dilmun, which is believed to be the original Garden of Eden. Dilmunia seeks to create a modern Garden of Eden where progressive society can prosper, while balancing the need for growth with the need for a healthy, sustainable ecology.

With a clear mandate to provide a development where well-being and vitality are the focus, Ithmaar Development Company worked with international master planners to conceive an island location that balances the needs of all its inhabitants. Business locations are balanced with residential and leisure spaces to create a considered and integrated whole. Moreover, Dilmunia provides developers and investors with new business opportunities to develop world-class amenities, residential developments and lifestyle facilities designed to support holistic well-being.

Situated in the heart of the Arabian Gulf, Dilmunia lies off the north-eastern coast of the Island of Muharraq, Bahrain. Its proximity to the Bahrain International Airport and easy accessibility to the King Fahd Causeway provides developers with a location well-connected to the prosperous GCC community at large, as well as internal transportation links to residential, commercial and industrial development zones.

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Key Facts

Total Reclaimed Area: 125 hectares
Total Gross Floor Area: approximately 1,800,000 square metres

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  • Residential & Mixed 60%
  • Office 4%
  • Retail 10%
  • Hotel 9%
  • Wellness 17%