Designed to promote wellbeing, Dilmunia’s homes deliver investment for tomorrow


Dilmunia’s residential developments are designed in a range of styles, settings and sizes to cater for diverse budgets. All accommodation promotes balanced living and is designed to integrate the needs of imagination, practicality and well-being.

Pierside Housing

On the southern side of Dilmunia, waterfront Pierside Housing is specially designed for urban living, offering dramatic living rooms with views overlooking the sea.

  • Open-plan living
  • Unobstructed views

Quayside Housing

Housing around the marina in the north of the island is specifically designed with mooring opportunities.

  • Multi-storied apartment buildings, delivering an urban environment by the water
  • Views of the marina and the sea

Waterway / Canal housing

Stylish lofts and apartments are designed for single and active living, located in the lifestyle strip offering urban living by the water.

  • Flexible living
  • Urbanised pedestrian environment by the canal

Luxury Condominiums

Luxurious condominiums set on the slopes of Dilmunia, looking north over the rest of the island, offering optimal sunshine and a welcoming sea breeze.

  • Iconic properties complemented by a grand view
  • Overlooking the sea and the Island of Muharraq

Exclusive Villas

Exclusive villas designed to cater to the requirements of the connoisseur, located in the eastern and southeastern parts of Dilmunia.

  • Fronting either a private water canal or the sea
  • Luxury living in large private plots within an exclusive development


Dilmunia’s first residential project; single plot-single villas with direct access to the sea.

  • Private versatile seafront
  • Modern living in a calm and serene area
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Key Facts

Total Reclaimed Area: 125 hectares
Total Gross Floor Area: approximately 1,800,000 square metres

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  • Residential & Mixed 60%
  • Office 4%
  • Retail 10%
  • Hotel 9%
  • Wellness 17%