Alternative hospitality that stays with guests, long after they leave

Hotel & Spas

Great hospitality is remembered long after the stay. Dilmunia aims to deliver this consistently through its master plan via three themed boutique hotels and two serviced apartments – all offering guests a wide variety of alternative therapies and wellness programmes, in keeping with the island’s philosophy.

Distinctive themes will welcome guests, where they can expect first-class hospitality in splendid surroundings. Each hotel is designed against a particular holistic philosophy, which inspires both décor and service. All hotels offer international spa and massage treatments and hydrotherapy remedies to soothe tired business and holiday travellers alike.


With Thailand an ever-popular tourist destination, both among locals and expats alike, this hotel will seek to create an oasis of Thai charm and hospitality in Bahrain. Designed to reflect the characteristic Thai architecture of island retreats such as Koh Samui, this hotel will offer the best of Thai cuisine in both casual and formal dining outlets while the spa will deliver massage as only the Thai know how.


The Chinese-inspired boutique hotel has been conceptualised to capture and exude the atmosphere of the orient. With cuisine known to many but perfected by few, the Chinese restaurant will offer familiar dishes as well as rare delicacies, catering to a wide audience. The spa will complement the oriental ambience provided by the architectural touches, helping to bring a calming sense to patrons who enjoy the Tui Na massage and Chinese medical treatments.

French Riviera

Considered to be one of foremost global luxury destinations, the inspiration for the French Riviera Boutique hotel will eventuate in the kind of opulent touches and finishing of which Louis the XIV would be proud. Offering the best of French cuisine, the restaurants will be complemented by open-air cafés and fashionable boutiques. The best of European hydrotherapy will provide spa guests with a deeper sense of relaxation, culminating in a Swedish massage.

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Key Facts

Total Reclaimed Area: 125 hectares
Total Gross Floor Area: approximately 1,800,000 square metres

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  • Residential & Mixed 60%
  • Office 4%
  • Retail 10%
  • Hotel 9%
  • Wellness 17%