10 JUL 2013

PPP as a tool for delivering housing in Bahrain and the MENA region

The size of the potential housing market in the MENA region is vast. Currently in Bahrain, there is a serious need for the development of more housing. Various reports set the current need for housing at around 53,000 units and this is increasing by around 4,000 units per year. This housing shortage is not limited […]

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10 JUL 2013

Affordable housing from a property developer’s viewpoint

It is now widely recognised that the pressing needs of the affordable housing market in the MENA region can only be addressed effectively through closer cooperation between the public and private sectors. This will entail balancing the political and socio-economic concerns of governments with the commercial considerations of property development companies. Given that developers are […]

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27 JUN 2013

A Global Perspective on Affordable Housing Solutions for the Gulf / MENA region

The Affordable Housing Institute (AHI) works globally to strengthen housing ecosystems in developing and transitioning economies. This work informs our perspective on the challenges and trends relevant to the MENA region. The changing relationship between the government and private sector Governments in almost all countries around the world have moved away from serving as the […]

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Key Facts

Total Reclaimed Area: 125 hectares
Total Gross Floor Area: approximately 1,800,000 square metres

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  • Residential & Mixed 60%
  • Office 4%
  • Retail 10%
  • Hotel 9%
  • Wellness 17%