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Ensuring deeper understanding

To give a greater appreciation of how Dilmunia is being actualised, the Expertise Blog will detail information, facts and figures, industry trends and market challenges relevant to real estate development.

IDC’s partners in progress will present their views and expertise on issues and topics relevant to the industry. Detailing exactly what it takes to master plan, conceive, research, construct, analyse, project manage, design and market developments that will change the way people live and leave a legacy for the future of Bahrain.

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Addressing Bahrain’s Housing Needs

Bahrain’s Ministry of Works has been active in trying to address the ongoing undersupply of affordable housing in Bahrain. The Kingdom is now regarded as one of the pioneers in addressing the region’s need for low-cost housing through its use of Public Private Partnerships (PPP), the first of which was put out to tender in […]

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Affordable Housing in Bahrain – Market Size and Developer opportunities

Introduction It is widely recognised that there is a deficit in the provision of housing in Bahrain that the man in the street can afford. In theory, therefore, there is an opportunity for developers both local and international to build properties to meet the needs of this chronically under supplied and increasingly desperate sector. However, […]

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Affordable housing from a property developer’s viewpoint

It is now widely recognised that the pressing needs of the affordable housing market in the MENA region can only be addressed effectively through closer cooperation between the public and private sectors. This will entail balancing the political and socio-economic concerns of governments with the commercial considerations of property development companies. Given that developers are […]

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A unique investment opportunity with a greater return potential

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Key Facts

Total Reclaimed Area: 125 hectares
Total Gross Floor Area: approximately 1,800,000 square metres

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  • Residential & Mixed 60%
  • Office 4%
  • Retail 10%
  • Hotel 9%
  • Wellness 17%